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Camlock Quick Disconnects


Camlock Quick Disconnects

Many people think that Camlock fittings and Camlock quick fittings are the same. But the truth is that they aren’t. Even though they are both a type of fitting, there are still some noticeable differences between them.

In this post, we are going to tackle the difference of Camlock quick disconnects fittings. So, if you want to learn more about it, then keep on reading.

Defining a Camlock Fitting Disconnects

When we say Camlock fitting, it is a coupling meant to connect pipes easily and fast. A lot of industries are using this product, such as the mechanical industry.

With the use of this product, you can easily disconnect and connect two pipes or hoses without using any equipment or tools. A Camlock allows you to have a tighter and more secure connection between two hoses considering that the cams are in-tact in place.

Defining Camlock Quick Disconnects

On the other hand, a Camlock quick disconnect is also a type of coupling that allows you to have a watertight connection between other equipment apart from hoses.

As its name suggests, you can take them apart and put them together easily and quickly. They act like a Camlock, but unlike the previously mentioned type of coupling, this one can be used using a single hand. One of the good things about Camlock’s quick disconnect fitting is that you can operate it for different purposes requiring you to have more frequent tubing line breaks.

Pros of Using Camlock Quick Disconnect Fittings

There are several advantages you can get from using Camlock quick disconnect fittings in most industries. Before, this type of coupling is the most known option for connecting two hoses or pipes. Even though Camlocks are already in the present, they are still a good choice for use in most industries compared with other unsafe options.

The following are some of the advantages you can get from using a Camlock quick disconnect fitting:

Easy to Use – Hence the name, you can disconnect this type of coupling with ease and convenience using a single hand.

Versatile – At BR Industry, we offer Camlock quick disconnect fittings in different configurations and sizes. This means that you can easily find the fitting perfect for your desired use.

Stay Cool – Compared to other forms of couplings, this one stays cool. This means that it does not become hot to touch, making it the safest option available in the market.

Materials Used for Making Camlock Quick Disconnect Fittings

At BR Industry, we offer Camlock quick disconnect fittings made from different materials. The following are some of them.

Stainless Steel – What we love about this material is that it offers the best rust resistance feature. Camlock quick disconnect fittings made from stainless steel are known for their strength and durability. It is usually used in both sanitary and food industries.

Brass – Brass is a material known for being corrosion-resistant, durable, and strong. What’s more, is that it also has good conductivity and high-temperature ductility.

Polypropylene – This material is ideal in environments with cold and hot temperatures. It is also chemical resistant and quickly absorbs moisture.


To sum it up, even though Camlock fittings and Camlock quick disconnect fittings are both a type of coupling, they still have differences between each other.

A Camlock quick disconnect fitting is used to provide a watertight connection. So, if you think you need this type of coupling, you may consider reaching out. You can contact us and talk with our professional and friendly staff. They will surely answer every query you have about the products we offer.