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Kamlock Fittings


Kamlock Fittings

Kamlock fittings, as its name suggests, are a product that helps you to connect hose piping with ease. It can be used without using intricate tools.

Different manufacturers are following their formula of producing Kamlock fittings. Camlock products have a high demand in the market. That’s why many business-minded persons are taking advantage of this. Many started building their Camlock manufacturing.

Considering the number of Camlock manufacturers out there, you might experience difficulties in picking a reliable and trusted producer. In that case, we are ready to help.


BR Industry – The Best Kamlock ManufacturerWe, the BR Industry, are always ready to lend you a helping hand. We established a good reputation as we supply the Camlocks that are made from the highest quality materials.

At BR Industry, we offer Camlock products in different sizes and types. If you have worked in industries, such as the mechanical industry, you know how versatile and flexible Camlocks are.

The main work of a Camlock is to help you connect two pipes easily and conveniently. Our Camlock features both male and female connectors. This product replaces the unsafe and traditional methods of connecting hoses and pipes.

Why Choose Us?

We are the company that offers a wide variety of top-rated pipe fittings that can meet or even exceed your expectations. We supply our products in several countries around the world.

Aside from the quality products we offer, you can also avail of our Kamlock fittings at a very low price. Our number one goal is to give our customers 100 percent satisfaction without spending a lot.

There are several reasons you should avail Camlocks from us. Some of them are the following:

  • Our facility measures 20,000 square meters, which is wide enough for our workers to move freely. Our area is completed with world-class equipment, an intelligent test center, and a valve inspection system. With these, we can guarantee to provide you only the best quality Camlocks.
  • We established several branches around the world. This means that we have a wide scope of customers who can avail quality products at the best price. For many years, the number of our customers worldwide is continuously increasing. This is what we can be proud of.
  • Aside from the quality and cheapness of our products, we also have the best customer service. Our customer support is composed of friendly staff who will answer all your queries with a high level of professionalism. As we mentioned, our number one goal in this business is to give our clients happiness and satisfaction by bringing them what they need.

Different Uses of Kamlock Fittings

Industries Cleaning

Several cleaning industries are using Camlock products. You can use it for easy storing, convenient disconnection, and fast elimination and transportation of goods.

Oil Distribution

One of the substances that you can transfer through hoses connected by Camlocks is oil. Unlike other connections, Camlocks used for oil distribution require minimal gear to avoid hazards and accidents.

Military Strategic Deployment

We offer Aluminum Kamlock fittings, and the military group stated that soldiers could use this product for fast and easy strategic deployment.


Overall, Camlocks have several uses. That’s why picking the one that works properly and made from quality materials is important.

If you are still in search of the best Kamlock manufacturer, you can rely on us. We are in the industry for years, and we love to see happy and satisfied customers who bought and used our products.

If you are interested in availing of our products or have questions about the Camlocks we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the best Kamlock fittings that suit your requirements.