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Do you want to use some couplings for your specific projects? At BR Industry, we have a wide range of coupling types that you can use for any upcoming projects you have. We have the so-called “universal coupling” that serves as a mechanical

Are you looking for the best quality type of camlock fittings for your different tank parts? Well, fret no more! It’s because we have a wide range of selections for the different kinds of camlock fittings that would be suitable for your project's

Rubber hose coupler is an essential product in different industries. Meanwhile, there are various providers of the product in the market. If you want a top-quality rubber hose coupler connection, choosing us is the best solution. The offers the best products, including

Cam lock fittings are reliable tools and can be used in multiple ways. These products are known as versatile tools and have become in demand in the market because of their exceptional functions.Camlock fittings are hose coupling, and therefore these products connect or

Low pressure pipe fitting is used for setting up a connection for low pressure systems. Are you looking for quality yet affordable low pressure pipe fitting? Then, you’re on the right path! We are a trusted company that provides low pressure pipe fittings

Locking camlock fittings are important for the connection of two pipes or hoses together in different industries. Camlock fitting is easy to use and is considered a cost-effective coupling tool. Meanwhile, there are many providers of locking camlock fittings in the market. So,

Are you planning to buy a hydraulic coupler for your high-pressure type of hydraulic system? Well, it’s time to recognize our company, BR Industry, for it gives you a wide variety of product selections. Our company is indeed one of the top leading

Hose Camlock couplings for hoses and pipes are indeed important in different industries. These are useful since camlock fittings can properly connect hoses or pipes without worrying about the leakage of fluids or gases. Thus, the company workers can make sure that they

Flexible hose end with coupling is an essential component in many industries, including chemical, water, mechanical and construction. It provides a secure connection between two pipes or hoses, allowing them to be used for various applications. This type of fitting is available in

Camlocks in different types are utilized in various industries. These tools are useful in industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, chemicals, and manufacturing companies. These products are widely known by many people because of their great uses to.  DIN2828 Camlock is one of the coupling