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Cam & Groove Fitting, which is also called Camlock fitting. This product is used for connecting pipes and hoses. In most cases, Camlock fittings are known in many industries, including the chemical industries, mechanical industries, and the water industries. It is essential in

Kamlock fittings, as its name suggests, are a product that helps you to connect hose piping with ease. It can be used without using intricate tools.Different manufacturers are following their formula of producing Kamlock fittings. Camlock products have a high demand in the

Camlock Quick Disconnects are an essential part of the BR Industry. They provide a quick, efficient and secure way to connect and disconnect pipes, hoses and other components without the need for tools or special skills. Camlocks offer many advantages over traditional connection

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to connect two pieces of hosing or tubing? If so, then the Storz fitting is the perfect solution. The fitting is a type of connector used in BR industry that allows for quick connection

Threaded camlocks are essential components of many industrial systems, from manufacturing plants to oil refineries. They provide a secure and reliable connection between two pipes or hoses, allowing liquid or gas to flow between them without the risk of leakage. They are available

We are your leading provider of high quality camlock plug made of superior materials to retain durability and reliability. Our camlock plug is recognized as a superior solution. The variety features precision casting as well as machined faces providing a dependable and reliable

Overview of PEX Straight Pipe PEX Straight Pipe is a type of pipe used in plumbing and heating systems. It is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), which offers superior strength, flexibility, and heat resistivity compared to traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. It also

Male Camlock Fittings are a type of quick-connect coupling used in many industrial applications. They provide a secure, leak-proof connection for pipes and hoses with different diameters or materials. Male camlocks are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and configurations to

Introduce Camlock Dust Cap and its purposeCamlock Dust Cap is a product specifically designed to protect Camlock couplings from the elements, debris, and dust. This type of dust cap is essential for any Camlock coupling system, as it helps keep the coupling clean,

Connecting a hose to a property’s standpipe system or sprinkler can allow a fire to increase. For the past few years, people have been investing in a smaller and threaded fitting, and they have become the go-to option, especially in the fire protection