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From female to male Camlock fitting, we design and manufacture all types of Camlock coupling and connectors, making us a one-stop company. Our products are high-end, stunning, and long-lasting as well. Surrounded by a certified team, we create and manufacture male Camlock fitting while

An open-end in an inactive pipeline allows dust to enter, causing damage to any system. Aside from dust, an open system can attract rain and even small animals, compromising sanitation, and quality over time. When a pipeline is contaminated, it can slow down operations,

Connecting a hose to a property’s standpipe system or sprinkler can allow a fire to increase. For the past few years, people have been investing in a smaller and threaded fitting, and they have become the go-to option, especially in the fire protection

Camlock connector and fitting are an impressive piece of hardware developed and designed to quickly connect or disconnect joints in a simple or complex pipeline. Over the past few years, they have gained immense popularity because of how they make regular maintenance easy,

The majority of businesses want to cut down costs in their camlock coupling. Instead of investing in products with a high tensile strength, they purchase cheap camlock fittings like Nylon and PP products. Plastic camlock coupling continuously gains massive popularity in different industries because

Stainless steel camlock fittings are the go-to choose for businesses because they are not easy to rust. Whether 304 or 316 is used, stainless steel camlock fittings are popular for their compatibility, formability, and heat resistance. Stainless steel camlock fittings have a clean

Stainless steel camlock fittings have taken the world by storm. Businesses from different industries have switched to SS camlock fittings because of their excellent durability, ease of use, versatile applications, and optimal rust resistance. At BR Industry CO., LTD, we create, develop, and manufacture

One of the problems of businesses in their hoses and pipes in sanitary or food environment are corrosion primarily when aluminum alloy camlock fittings are used. The best alternative is stainless steel camlock fitting at BR Industry CO., LTD. Whether your camlock is not

Ball valves are used for controlling the flow of gases and liquids. These utilize a rotary ball with a stem and a bore. Once the handle is attached to its stem is turned, it now rotates the ball to close or open the

Quick Coupler Irrigation Our irrigation is intended for durable everyday application in projects needing fast and quick remote water access to the mainline water supply. We offer a wide array of a quick coupler; you can pick from 1-piece and 2-piece models available in